GreenFire Energy Inc. Appoints Executive of Closed-Loop Well and Technical Product Companies, Allen Swenson to Advisory Board


GreenFire Energy Inc. today announced the appointment of Allen Swenson to its Advisory Board. Allen is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur of technical product companies with success in transforming and commercializing technologies. Allen is the former CEO of GeoTek Energy, LLC, the developer of ThermalDrive and holder of additional patents relating to closed-loop well technology. Under Allen’s leadership as CEO of GeoTek, the company migrated its innovative geothermal technology from utility-focused power production into a disruptive paradigm-changing technology for the oil and gas industry. GreenFire Energy recently acquired an exclusive license to GeoTek’s patents and other intellectual property. Allen’s appointment further strengthens the company’s commitment to attract expert personnel who can help integrate oil and gas industry technology with GreenLoop for power generation and high-value industrial applications.

Allen is the CEO of YourCRO, LLC, a consulting firm focused on strategic solutions for energy markets and other industries. He is the former CEO of Turbo Trac USA, which commercialized energy efficient, infinitely variable transmission technology from the automotive industry to industrial oil well pumping systems. As CEO of Paice/MP2 HEV Corporation, he licensed HEV patents to OEMs and commercialized its technology. Allen held executive positions in many technology companies including: GloPex, Inc; The Compliance Group; Nicator; and the Volvo Penta Division of Volvo North America. As an author and moderator, Allen writes a blog called Entrepreneurs’ Failure Fighter.

“Allen has the experience and insight to help commercialize our technologies in closed-loop wells both generally and for the oil and gas industry in particular. Also, his broad experience in clean energy and other emerging  technologies will help us utilize our capabilities in high-value industrial applications,” says Joseph Scherer, president and ceo of GreenFire Energy.

About GreenFire Energy Inc.

GreenFire Energy® develops and deploys its GreenLoop™ technology to significantly expand access to geothermal energy for economic power generation and industrial applications. GreenLoop technology harvests previously inaccessible geothermal energy for transport to the earth’s surface. GreenLoop’s innovative, closed-loop solutions extract renewable energy from the hot dry rock regions that contain most geothermal heat and from unproductive hydrothermal wells. Abundant geothermal energy can generate continuous clean power and precisely supply heat and pressure for industrial applications such as, mineral extraction and hydrogen production. GreenLoop technology includes advanced thermodynamic models that are essential for accurate resource assessment and optimal project design.

GreenLoop precisely delivers cost competitive, continuous, flexible geothermal energy with unrivaled environmental advantages. It was successfully demonstrated at the Coso geothermal field in Coso, California, USA in 2019. This technology is the result of years of research conducted in concert with U.S. National Laboratories, major universities, and eminent experts in multiple scientific disciplines in conjunction with grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission. GreenFire Energy is headquartered in Emeryville, California, USA. For more information visit

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