Geothermal Operators & Resource Owners

Solutions for Geothermal Operators & Resource Owners

GreenFire Energy offers complete geothermal projects for geothermal operators, resource owners, and oil and gas companies. GreenFire’s GreenLoop® technology is used to tailor solutions to meet your geothermal resource requirements and your specific needs. GreenLoop increases renewable power generation to existing depleted or underperforming wells and fields to maximize the economic production of existing geothermal projects.  GreenLoop is a clean energy technology and can be applied to conventional hydrothermal projects and to new greenfield projects. GreenLoop solutions can generate geothermal power production and geothermal heating and cooling.

Unique to the patented GreenLoop technology is the capability to extract heat while preserving reservoir mass and pressure and enable the long-term sustainability of the geothermal resource.


  • Geothermal well retrofits
  • Expansion within a field
  • Greenfield projects
  • Oil and gas well retrofits
  • De-risk conventional projects


  • Produce more energy from underutilized assets such as unproductive wells and depleted fields
  • Extract heat while enabling the long term sustainability of the geothermal resource
  • Develop new geothermal projects quickly and with less risk
  • Deliver strong economics to geothermal energy production

Project Development Opportunities and Provided Services

  • Resource analysis and modeling
  • Technoeconomic analysis
  • Project engineering
  • Construction and installation
  • Operation and maintenance
Augment Steam Production Using an Idle Well, Mahanagdong Geothermal Field, Leyte, Philippines. Photo courtesy of EDC.


Here are projects where GreenLoop solutions are meeting specific geothermal energy needs for our customers.

The Geysers: Produce Steam from Existing Production Wells

Geysers Geothermal Field, California, USA

EDC: Augment Steam Production Using Idle Wells

Mahanagdong Geothermal Field, Leyte, Philippines

EDC: Restore Steam Production in High-NCG Production Wells

Mahanagdong Geothermal Field, Leyte, Philippines

Wells2Watts: First-Ever Closed-Loop Geothermal Test Facility

Baker Hughes Energy Innovation Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

KenGen: Produce Steam from High-Temperature, Non-Producing Wells

Olkaria Geothermal Field, Kenya

Coso: First Field-Scale Demo of GreenLoop

Coso Geothermal Field, California, USA

How to Work with Us

We follow this process in order to create the right solution that meets your geothermal resource requirements and your needs. With our partners, we offer the full project lifecycle for your development project.

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