Energy-Intensive Companies & Military

Solutions for Energy-Intensive Companies and Military

GreenFire Energy offers complete geothermal projects for organizations seeking rapid access to continuous and resilient electricity, heating, and cooling. GreenFire’s GreenLoop® is a scalable and modular technology allows for rapid development of renewable power generation in regions where conventional geothermal technology cannot succeed. GreenLoop’s closed-loop designs prevent the issues of subsurface water contamination and seismic risk that delay project permits. GreenLoop also enables “behind the meter” or co-located projects to receive geothermal energy at grid prices or better but with the energy assurance that grid operators cannot guarantee.

Renewable energy that is resilient, sustainable, and scalable is assured. GreenFire Energy’s collaboration with global strategic partners ensures a complete project life cycle and quality at each project stage.


  • Data centers
  • Manufacturing that uses both thermal energy and electric power
  • Carbon capture projects
  • Emergency response agencies
  • Military bases


  • 24/7 continuous power with high reliability and unparalleled resilience
  • Scalable from 10 MW to 100 MW
  • Stable, predictable cost
  • Variable mix of thermal and electric energy
  • Thirty years service life
  • Clean power with no waste streams or emissions
  • Power not subject to grid disruption or powerline congestion

Project Development Opportunities and Provided Services

  • Resource analysis and modeling
  • Technoeconomic analysis
  • Project engineering
  • Construction and installation
  • Operation and maintenance

U.S. Naval Air Facility El Centro, California, U.S.

Photos courtesy of Defense Innovation Unit (DIU).

How to Work with Us

We follow this process in order to create the right solution that meets your geothermal resource requirements and your needs. With your partners, we offer the full project lifecycle for your development project.

Let’s talk about your geothermal needs. Please tell us about your projects and geothermal resources.

GreenFire Energy is a geothermal technology company that develops versatile Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) called GreenFire’s GreenLoop® (GreenLoop)

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