CPC Corporation Project

GreenFire Energy’s channel partner in Taiwan, Taiteck Co., Ltd (Taiteck) won the tender by CPC Corporation (CPC), Taiwan in July 2023. The tender was to assess the potential for geothermal energy using Advanced Geothermal System (AGS), specifically GreenFire’s GreenLoop® technology, in Taiwan’s geothermal resources. The tender included the design of tests, testing of geothermal wells, and the retrofit of wells using GreenLoop technology.

CPC is a state-owned company of Taiwan and represents the country’s interest in domestic and international hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation. It is implementing the government’s energy transformation policy and actively promoting renewable geothermal power generation. CPC has extensive exploration and drilling technologies and services that can be applied to geothermal energy development.

CPC Corporation, GreenFire Energy
Johnny C.Y. Liu, TaiteckCo., Ltd; Glenn U. Golla, GreenFire Energy; Dr. Chen-Hui Fan, CPC Corporation, Taiwan; Mr. Michael Chang, CPC Corporation, Taiwan. Photo courtesy of CPC.
GreenFire Energy, CPC, and Taiteck Co., Ltd. Photo courtesy of CPC.
Glenn Golla, GreenFire Energy and Dr. Chen-Hui Fan, CPC signing MoU. Photo courtesy of CPC.

Taiteck is a local energy engineering company in Taiwan and has been committed to the supply of domestic energy equipment and services, including oil and gas drilling, production and power equipment supply, and technical services. It is experienced in sustainable energy services using clean energy technology and equipment.

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