Wells2Watts Project

First-Ever Closed-Loop Geothermal Test Facility

The Wells2Watts geothermal energy consortium is a private industrial partnership to accelerate technology development and commercially scale geothermal as a baseload renewable energy supply. The consortium is exploring technology to convert and retrofit oil and gas wells for geothermal energy, revitalize dry non-productive geothermal wells and develop greenfield opportunities for geothermal renewable electricity production.

Spearheaded by Baker Hughes, the consortium member companies include Continental Resources, INPEX, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, and California Resources Corporation, along with several technology partners including GreenFire Energy. The first-ever closed-loop, geothermal test facility was built at the Baker Hughes Energy Innovation Center, located within the Hamm Institute for American Energy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA to test new geothermal technologies and inform the next step when taken out to the field for pilot studies.

GreenFire Energy’s closed-loop technology, GreenFire’s GreenLoop® is in the first testing project. GreenLoop is a clean energy technology and a flexible option for retrofitting existing oil and gas or geothermal wells for renewable power generation. The testing is to validate the functionality of GreenLoop and have a showcase for a working Downbore Heat Exchanger (DBHX) in a lab environment. The results will accelerate the commercial scale-up and implementation of GreenLoop in the field for existing oil and gas wells.

Technical Objectives

  • Simulation Validation
    • Simulate and validate the GreenFire Energy numerical models
    • Integrate GreenFire Energy’s closed-loop thermodynamic model with the appropriate wellbore and reservoir model
  • Well Testing
    • Design the optimal conditions of a DBHX for retrofit and greenfield field applications
  • Pre-Feed Analysis
    • Design an optimal DBHX system for the specific pilot well
    • Use GreenFire Energy’s thermodynamic models to determine the optimal mass flow rate, phase, vapor fraction, temperature and pressure to maximize power production
  • FEED Analysis
    • Determine the well and system design and project costs

Design of Experiments

Greenfield and retrofit well designs are being tested with the following parameters:

  • Testing
    • Flowrates, Pressure, Temperature, Working Fluid (Water and Hydrocarbon)
    • Various Wellbore Sizes (9 5/8”, 5”)
  • Casing Sizes
    • 16
    • 13 3/8 (potential max)
    • 9 5/8 (currently best case)
    • 7 ½ (HX location)
  • Temperature
    • 350F
  • Pressure
    • 2500 psi
  • Flowrates
    • 250 gpm

Expected Outcomes

A greenfield and retrofit techno-economic playbook will be created to guide pilot and future scaleup considerations. Included in the playbook will be: