GreenFire Energy Inc. Appoints Marc Stuart, Founding Managing Partner, Allotrope Partners to Advisory Board

Stuart Brings Expertise in Renewable Energy Projects in Southeast Asia


GreenFire Energy Inc. today announced the appointment of Marc Stuart, founding managing partner, Allotrope Partners, to its Advisory Board. Allotrope Partners is an internationally focused clean energy advisory firm with expertise in project development, public-private initiatives, renewable energy credits and strategic investment in clean energy projects. The firm has deep expertise in Southeast Asia and is engaged in renewable energy deployment in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Allotrope Partners jointly leads the Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA) which is a public-private initiative to advance the policy and financing framework to scale commercial and industrial clean energy deployment in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico and Colombia.

Marc is a recognized leader in emissions credit trading, cleantech investing and climate policy. He was the co-founder of EcoSecurities and led the teams that created emissions reduction credits, emissions and project finance transactional capacity, and the first green certificate transaction for developing and industrial countries. Marc has been a member of numerous boards in the environmental markets space, including Verra (the Verified Carbon Standard), Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics, the International Emissions Trading Association and served for several years as a private sector observer to the World Bank’s Clean Technology Fund. He is an author and frequent speaker on emissions trading, low carbon finance and cleantech.

There is extraordinary interest in GreenFire Energy’s technology for commercial projects across the globe. Marc’s experience will help the company to assess and prioritize opportunities and navigate geothermal energy’s expanding role in the global energy transition, particularly in Southeast Asia where both GreenFire Energy and Allotrope are active. “GreenFire Energy appears to have a unique opportunity as a carbon-free baseload energy technology overall that is very well suited to many markets, and to Southeast Asia’s existing and potential geothermal footprint in particular. With new carbon and Renewable Portfolio Standard markets emerging both locally and globally, the kind of nextgen geothermal technology that GreenFire Energy represents is an exciting development to help achieve net zero goals,” says Marc Stuart, founding managing partner, Allotrope Partners. “I’ve known Marc for a number of years and know that Marc brings unparalleled experience and insight to the cleantech and environmental credit trading world. We’re just delighted to have him formally on board,” says Joseph Scherer, president and ceo of GreenFire Energy.

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GreenFire Energy Inc. develops and deploys innovative, closed-loop technology to unlock the world’s largest source of continuous renewable energy. GreenFire Energy GreenLoop™ technology exploits vast, typically inaccessible geothermal resources, and enables cost competitive, continuous, and flexible power generation with unrivaled environmental advantages. GreenLoop technology, demonstrated at the Coso geothermal field in Coso, California, is versatile and has a number of additional high-value applications, including use for mineral extraction, hydrogen production, and energy storage. GreenFire Energy offers Field Scale and Well Retrofit Solutions for a wide spectrum of energy providers including those in the diversified renewable energy, geothermal, and oil and gas industries.

GreenLoop technology has been developed with grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission. The technology is the result of years of research conducted in concert with U.S. National Laboratories, major universities, and eminent experts in multiple scientific disciplines. GreenFire Energy is headquartered in the San Francisco area in California, USA. For more information visit:

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