Kenya Electricity Generating Company and GreenFire Energy in Collaboration to Use GreenFire’s GreenLoop™ Technology


Kenya Electricity Generating Company (“KenGen”) and GreenFire Energy Inc. announced a collaboration to assess GreenFire’s GreenLoop™ (“GreenLoop”) technology for implementation broadly in KenGen’s applicable geothermal resources.

The collaboration will use GreenLoop technology to do a demonstration of one of KenGen’s wells in the Olkaria region which has a high temperature and low permeability. This collaboration underscores both companies’ commitment to using GreenFire Energy’s closed-loop technology to accelerate geothermal energy in the region.

KenGen is the primary supplier of electricity in Kenya with a market share of more than 60% with 1,904MW of generation capacity. The company supplies up to 80% of electricity in Kenya with 86% coming from renewable sources.1 KenGen currently generates 799MW from geothermal which is 85% of the country’s geothermal installed capacity and aims to produce over 50% of its power from geothermal energy by 2030.2

GreenFire Energy has developed a versatile, closed-loop Advanced Geothermal System (AGS) called GreenLoop. GreenLoop can economically access the entire spectrum of geothermal resources that conventional geothermal technology cannot. The technology enables new and existing operators and developers to retrofit existing wells, to expand existing fields with new wells, and to develop new geothermal resources quickly and economically.

“The partnership between KenGen and GreenFire Energy will bolster our 100 percent transition to renewable energy by 2030 through the deployment of more geothermal energy in Kenya’s national grid. The GreenLoop technology will enable us to generate more clean and renewable electricity from geothermal,” said Eng Peter Njenga, KenGen, Managing Director and CEO.

“GreenFire Energy is honored to be working with KenGen, one of the largest producers of geothermal energy in the world. Our patented GreenFire’s GreenLoop™ technology has the unique capability to make wells with low permeability quickly scale-up geothermal power generation,” said Steven Brown, VP Project Development, GreenFire Energy. “We see our technology as one of the driving forces to help Kenya meet its goal of 100% clean energy by 2030.”

About GreenFire Energy® Inc.

San Francisco-based GreenFire Energy is committed to accelerating the generation of clean, continuous, reliable geothermal energy. The firm’s approach includes GreenFire’s GreenLoop™ closed-loop technology, a versatile Advanced Geothermal System (AGS); rich global geothermal expertise, both in-house and with industry-recognized partners; and, collaboration with the world’s largest geothermal operating companies to deliver geothermal energy rapidly and economically. GreenFire Energy is based in the San Francisco, California area in the U.S. Visit us at

Media Contact:
Hollis Chin
VP Marketing
GreenFire Energy Inc.

1 Kedem, Shoshana, “KenGen targets 3,000 MW of renewable energy in a decade.” African Business, June 19, 2023.
2 Kariuki, Thuku, “In Photos: Africa holds huge potential in geothermal energy generation.” Quartz. May 16, 2023.