A Versatile Advanced Geothermal System (AGS) that Maximizes Economic Production from Geothermal Resources

GreenFire’s GreenLoop® Technology (GreenLoop)

Our versatile Advanced Geothermal System (AGS) maximizes production from geothermal resources. GreenLoop projects meld technical expertise with innovative designs to overcome site-specific challenges that conventional technology cannot solve. GreenFire Energy has spent more than a decade developing and calibrating its proprietary thermodynamic modeling that minimizes project risk and maximizes production output. Each modeling project considers the resource, the desired output, and the best configuration to achieve that objective. GreenFire Energy’s innovation has produced more closed-loop patents worldwide than any other company.

GreenFire Energy offers you a complete geothermal solution that includes technologies and services tailored for your geothermal resources, existing assets, and your needs. Solutions are tailored for geothermal operators and organizations with high energy needs and demand dedicated access “behind the meter,”. We work in collaboration with strategic partners to provide a solution that spans the geothermal project lifecycle.

GreenFire’s GreenLoop

GreenLoop modeling is a sophisticated system for assessing the potential of a given geothermal resource to determine the optimal configuration of the tailored solutions. An integrated subsurface, wellbore, and surface system modeling is done to estimate the net power from a given asset.

The elements of the integrated GreenLoop modeling includes the following:

  • Based on flow regimes coupled with GreenFire Energy’s Down Bore Heat Exchanger (DBHX) model
  • Uses thermodynamic laws and energy conservation equation
  • Optimization of GreenLoop flow rates
  • Calibration of GreenLoop to either a steam-flash turbine or Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power plant
GreenLoop models for project development
  1. Wellbore model
  2. Downbore process model
  3. Surface performance model: steam flash/ORC surface system
  4. DBHX cost analysis
  5. Near wellbore resource modeling – feed zone analysis
  6. Well cost model (for de-risking and purposely drilled wells)
  7. Project proposal (FEED Study, detailed engineering, project development)
  8. Statistical and probabilistic optimization modeling
  9. Large project financial model

GreenLoop’s approach to the development of geothermal energy comprises a broad technology set that can be configured to provide optimum output from any combination of geothermal resources and existing assets. GreenLoop designs are the physical attributes of the system including the architecture of the pipe system, the size and specification of materials, and the working fluid to be used. A typical GreenLoop design features a co-axial Downbore Heat Exchanger (DBHX) inserted into a single wellbore that circulates a working fluid to absorb and transport heat to the surface. GreenLoop designs are carefully engineered to work with all the major brands of power generators and to deliver precise heat for industrial applications. 

One example of design innovation is the patented GreenLoop Steam and 2-Phase design that generates power without consuming subsurface water.  This industry-changing system induces subsurface steam to enter the wellbore and vaporize on contact with the DBHX. The tremendous latent heat of vaporization is transferred into working fluid inside the DBHX and carried to the surface for power generation.

  • Analysis and modeling
  • Project engineering
  • Project development
  • Technical consulting
  • Procurement of equipment and services
  • Environmental studies, research, testing, and engineering
  • Research and development
  • Construction project management
  • Permit and concession services
  • Well pad preparation
  • Drilling
  • Equipment installation
  • Testing and commission
  • Project operation and maintenance services
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

How to Work with Us

We follow this process in order to create the right solution that meets your geothermal resource requirements and your needs. With our partners, we offer the full project lifecycle for your development project.