GreenFire Energy Inc. Adds Director of Applied Research, Andrew J. Van Horn, Ph.D.


GreenFire Energy Inc. today announced the appointment of Andrew (Andy) J. Van Horn, Ph.D. as Director of Applied Research, in addition to his current role on the Advisory Board. Andy’s charter is to apply GreenFire Energy’s closed-loop geothermal technology to new industrial applications and to accelerate the company’s product development initiatives for renewable energy. These activities will build upon the company’s GreenLoop™ technology, intellectual property, expertise in geothermal research, and current market opportunities.

Andy is an expert in energy technologies, environmental markets, regulations, and policies, as the Founder and Managing Director of energy advisory firm, Van Horn Consulting, for 33 years. In that role he provided research and advisory services to major utilities, research institutes, government agencies, and developers of energy technologies. This work involved comprehensive analysis of energy market economics, regulatory rules, technology costs and performance, and contracts. Andy pioneered the development and application of complex integrated assessment models for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and delivered expert testimony regarding electricity and natural gas assets, markets, contracts, regulations, and rates in state and federal proceedings. He helped develop and implement the U.S. cap-and-trade market for sulphur dioxide (SO2) and set the price for the first SO2 allowance trade in 1992. He has examined the effects of California’s AB 32 rules on California Carbon Allowance (CCA) and western electricity markets, and has served as an Independent Evaluator of procurement processes and contracts for two major California utilities. Andy held roles as Director at TERA Corporation and Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett, Inc.

Andy earned a B.S. from Harvey Mudd College and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in Physics, followed by positions as Research Physicist at the Rutherford Laboratory, U.K., and Research Fellow at Harvard University.

“Andy has a strong sense of innovation and a wealth of experience in energy technologies and markets. In a time of volatile energy markets, it is more important than ever to rapidly apply GreenFire Energy’s closed-loop, hot and deep technology to high-value projects that the energy and environmental markets need,” said Joseph Scherer, chief executive officer of GreenFire Energy.

About GreenFire Energy®

GreenFire Energy Inc. develops and deploys innovative closed-loop technology to unlock the world’s largest source of continuously available renewable energy. GreenLoop™ technology exploits vast, typically inaccessible geothermal resources, and enables cost competitive, continuous, and flexible power generation with unrivaled environmental advantages. GreenLoop technology, demonstrated at the Coso geothermal field in Coso, California, is versatile and has a number of additional high-value applications, including use for mineral extraction, hydrogen production, and energy storage. GreenFire Energy offers Field-Scale and Well Retrofit Solutions for a wide spectrum of energy providers including those in the diversified energy, geothermal, and oil and gas industries.

GreenLoop technology has been developed with grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission. The technology is the result of years of research conducted in concert with U.S. National Laboratories, major universities, and eminent experts in multiple scientific disciplines. GreenFire Energy is headquartered in Emeryville, California, USA. For more information visit

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