Vice President Project Development

Title: Vice President Project Development

Company: GreenFire Energy Inc.

Reports to: CEO

Location: GreenFire Energy is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, but the principal work location can be discussed.

Compensation: Competitive salary, employee stock options

Contact: . Put “Vice President Project Development” in the subject line.

Position Summary

GreenFire Energy develops geothermal power projects worldwide using proprietary “GreenLoop” technology. As part of the Company’s management team, theVice President Project Development is responsible for developing, proposing, and executing GreenFire Energy commercial projects. In this capacity, the Vice President Project Development will negotiate agreements with all necessary parties for use of the site, for the use of the thermal or electrical energy produced, participate in securing project financing, and oversee the work of Project Developers who will supervise the actual construction of each project. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Create an efficient, predictable and transparent system for developing GreenFire Energy commercial projects
    • Implement a system of controls and reporting that ensure projects are properly entitled, financed, permitted, and constructed
    • Identify new relationships and use existing relationships with debt and equity sources to finance projects
  • Hire and oversee the work of Project Developers and Project Managers
    • Hire Project Managers with the skills required to execute GreenFire Energy commercial projects
    • Provide training as needed to junior Project Developers and other team members
    • Supervise the work of Project Managers
  • Ensure the timely completion of all commercial projects within approved budgets and in accordance with contractual requirements and all financial covenants from lenders
    • Create an accurate and detailed cost estimate for each project for approval by the CEO
    • Conclude an agreement with the site owner to host the project
    • Work with the site owner and Project Manager to secure all necessary permits
    • Negotiate a Power Purchase Agreement for power or similar agreement for use of project thermal energy
    • Arrange and negotiate financing of each project that is financed
    • Oversee the work of Project Managers to construct and commission the project
    • Keep company management aware of project progress, any deviations from schedule or budget or other issues
    • At project commissioning, turn responsibility for the project over to the VP Operations
    • Maintain close relationships with all project leaders throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • Coordinate work with Chief Financial Officer, VP Sales, and VP Operations
    • Collaborate with VP Sales to convert sales relationships into commercial projects
    • Work with CFO to create a finance plan for each project
    • Inform CFO of any project issues that will affect costs or cash flow
    • Involve VP Operations in project planning to ensure that each project is properly designed to facilitate maintenance and performance reporting
  • Provide timely and accurate reports to senior management
    • Provide monthly updates of the status of each project in development
    • Provide special updates to management as is appropriate or requested
    • Maintain a system to accurately predict cash expenditures
    • Maintain a complete record of all project development tasks and completion

Education and Experience

  • 10 years of project development experience in the geothermal industry or oil and gas industry, preferably with substantial work experience in the geothermal industry
  • Masters or Ph.D. in engineering, geology or other technical disciplines related to geothermal power industry technologies
  • Deep expertise in project finance and existing relationship with potential funding partners; international work experience is an asset

Required Abilities

  • Well-developed sales, management, and finance skills
    • Ability to evaluate the legal and efficiently deal with the issues relating to each project
    • Ability to travel up to 20% of the time domestically or worldwide
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills in both technical and business terms
    • Fluency in English is required and fluency in one or more foreign languages of a country with substantial geothermal energy development is helpful
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and prior use of a CRM tool to manage customer engagements and run sales reports

About GreenFire Energy Inc.

GreenFire Energy develops and implements innovative geothermal technology to accelerate the world’s transition to clean, continuous renewable energy. GreenFire’s GreenLoop™ is closed-loop geothermal technology that extracts and transports heat from deep in the earth to be used for geothermal power generation. GreenFire Energy delivers fast, low-cost, and high ROI geothermal retrofit, expansion, and greenfield projects. This scalable business model has led to commercial relationships with many of the world’s premier geothermal operators.

GreenFire Energy’s technology has been developed with grants from the U.S. Department of Energy, the California Energy Commission, and research conducted with U.S. National Laboratories, major universities, and eminent experts. The company has extensive international patents. GreenFire Energy is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA.