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Geothermal energy generation at Calpine the Geysers

Why GreenFire Energy?

GreenFire Energy is a geothermal technology company that develops versatile Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) called GreenFire’s GreenLoop® (GreenLoop). GreenLoop is a patented closed-loop geothermal technology. Our geothermal solutions assure the long-term availability of resilient, sustainable, and scalable geothermal energy for a wide range of applications. The technology maximizes the economic production of underperforming geothermal wells and new greenfield projects. GreenLoop is environmentally superior to other renewable energy technologies.

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For geothermal operators and resource owners, the technology leverages infrastructure investment, offers flexible designs that overcomes site-specific challenges, and extracts energy while preserving reservoir mass and pressure.

For energy-intensive companies and military facilities seeking energy assurance, the technology can eliminate reliance on power from the grid. GreenLoop solutions offer a stable and predictable cost of energy while providing a variable mix of power and direct use heating and cooling.

GreenFire Energy works seamlessly with its global strategic partners – Baker Hughes, H&P, and Vallourec – to build AGS systems worldwide. Widely recognized for its specialized geothermal expertise, GreenFire Energy conducted the world’s first field-scale demonstration of closed-loop geothermal technology at Coso, California. The Wells2Watts Consortium is demonstrating the potential use of GreenFire’s GreenLoop technology in oil and gas wells. In addition to collaborative research with national laboratories and 24 international patents, GreenFire Energy has published more technical papers on closed-loop geothermal technology than any other AGS company. Visit us at www.greenfireenergy.com.


Management Team

Corporate Board

Ajit Menon
Joseph Scherer
John R. Muir

Advisory Board

Brian Higgins, Ph.D.
Roy Mink, Ph.D.
Daniel Moos, Ph.D.
Robert M. Pilko
Marc Stuart
Andrew J. Van Horn, Ph.D.

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